Cairns Courthouse Refurbishment

The Cairns Court House was established in 1921 as the home of law and order in the region. In 1992 it was converted into a restaurant and bar. Acquired by Cairns Regional Council in 2016, the Court House has been refurbished to become the focal point of the future Cairns Gallery precinct, performing the function as both an entertainment space and a cultural arts venue.

Constructed at a time before reticulated services or documented building codes, discreet integration of modern building services into the century old building fabric was paramount to the success of the heritage restoration. Elegant integration of services within the existing structure was a result of meticulous coordination with the consultant team.

Traditional materials and building practices have been used alongside modern technologies and materials to compliment the new use of the building and ensure the character of the Court House has been preserved for future generations.


Address 38 Abbott Street, Cairns
Client Cairns Regional Council
Completed 2020
Photography J Create Photography

Consultant Team
Structural + Civil
STP Consultants
Mechanical McClintock Engineering Group Pty Ltd
Electrical WSP Group
Hydraulic Gilboy Hydraulic Solutions
Heritage Consultant Australian Heritage Specialists Pty Ltd
Acoustic Consultant NV Engineers